Arris Realty Partners, formerly known as Ben Carter Properties is a retail focused real estate development company initially established in 1993.

Steven Cadranel has served as Partner and President of Ben Carter Properties and Jim Woodcox has been its Partner and EVP of Design and Construction. 

Together the two have helped to create and direct all of the company’s development of its retail assets, its acquisition efforts and its third party redevelopment efforts.

In December 2014, Jim Woodcox retired and Vicky Boyce joined Arris in the Spring of 2015.

Arris offers real estate expertise in all areas of commercial retail real estate from leasing and redevelopment strategies, entitlement, vesting and branding opportunities. 

The company will continue to exploit its unique expertise, focused ability, market knowledge, and capital expertise in identifying opportunity be it thru acquisition, development, or redevelopment for its own account, in concert with strategically aligned joint venture partners, and 3rd party owners.

Arris:  [ărĩs] n. the sharp edge created by the intersection of two planes.

About Arris